Review: the Darkest Power trilogy

The Drakest Power trilogy, by Kelley Armstrong

Life isn’t always rose peddles and sunshine, what means I have to write a bad review very once in a while. So… Here it comes. Okay, maybe I misjudged this book a little. I was so excited to read it! I waited for it for weeks, and when it finally came, I was so eager to read it! I bought a super nice copy: all three books in one, hardcover, for only 15 bucks! Turns out it was so cheap because it sucked. It sucked, well, ass. And it’s not that I don’t like the writer. I really like Kelley Armstrong, besides her wierd extra E in her name. I mean, why not just Kelly? Anyway, the story is about a girl that can see ghosts. See what I mean? So basic. Come on Kelley, you other books are so much more fun! But that’s not what drove me away. You see, I started reading this book, because the girl looks so much like me! I mean physically, that is. Skinny, small, blond, blue eyes, no curves what so ever, so people think she’s younger than she is… Totally me. But what annoyed me beyond compare, was the fact that when there was danger, she hid behind boys. She never kicked someones butt on her own, o no, she was always the one who got attacked, and the others helped her. So not like me. So, so not like me. I would kick some serious butt. I think. I hope. I’d at least try. Maybe get hurt trying, but still. Sorry, I’m digressing. O and yeah, the story had an open ending. I hate that. So much. Anyway, here’s the recap:

The only thing Chloe Saunders wants is a normal life. But when she gets a panic attack and sees ghosts at school, she is diagnosed with schizophrenia. She ends up in Lyle House, a school for children with behavioral problems. At first nothing seems to be strange to Lyle House, but when she get’s to know the other people better the charming Simon and his dark, taciturn brother Derek, the spoiled Tori, and Rae, who “has something to do with fire” Chloe begins to have doubts. None of them have ordinary behavioral problems. Why are they really here?

Sounds okay. Is not. Don’t let them fool you. O, anyone want’s to buy my copy? please? 😉 Okay, well, see yall next time! I most likely will be reviewing PSI Another Day. But maybe not. I’ll see. Bye!


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