Review: PSI Another Day

I’m back! 🙂 Okay, so, I’ll be reviewing this book PSI Another Day, by D.R. Rosensteel. Let me just tell you: it was a nice book. If you’re low on cash, I would’nt buy it, but yeah, it was nice. It’s about this girl, everybody calls her Rinnie (that was the first thing I tripped over, I mean, who’s calls herself Rinnie? Her real name was Lynn, which, I think, is way better!). She’s secretly a psi warrior, which is like a person with insane ninja skills (awesome) and can use the power of their own minds, using a amplifier (awesomer). For example: with this amplifier (usually shaped like a pen) they could make a sword only by imagining it. It could cut through steel and almost everything, but it could’nt harm a human body. But I digress. She finds out that there is a huge conspiracy going on at her school, with drugs, students and their arch enemies, the Knights. It also involves her parents muderer (o, did I not mention they where dead? Well, they are. She’s adopted now.). The Knights have infiltrated her school, so she can’t trust anybody. All very exciting.

Well, the story is okay, I guess. It’s all very thrilling. The only thing is: I found the plot a bit dissapoiting. I saw the badguy comming from a mile away. All along I was like: why do you trust this person? It just seemed foolish. So, I guess I’m trying to say: I hoped more of it. Still a good book, but more a: I’ll-borrow-it-from-the-library-Book, than a: got-to-have-it-can’t-wait-another-second-Book. O, and another thing: I was so creeped out when I found out the author was a guy! I mean, like, an pretty old guy! Yuk.

That’s it for now. O,right, I wanted to ask you guys if I should make short videos of me reviewing books. I’m not sure, and I want your oppinion. If you have one (a oppinion), leave a comment. Thanks! Write to you next time!


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