Review: The Alchemists

Hey y’all! I haven’t written any blog posts in a while, because I was in Berlin. Fantastic city by the way, you really must visit it one time. On a more disturbing matter: I’ve found out that a classmate of mine found my blog (thank you Laura, for your help on that). To him I would just like to say: GO AWAY!!! You don’t even want to read my blog, your just doing it to piss me off! Seriusly, go! And stop using my real name when you write me a message. Ah, well, that’s a relief. I just hope he’ll stop.

Anyway, I’ve read a new book. Well actually, I read this one a while ago, but it’s one of my alltime favourites. The series are called The Alchemists, and the first part is Bloodlines. So, the story kind of cuts in the middle of something, because it locks in on another series of Richelle Mead (that’s the author by the way), called Vampire Acadamy. I know, I know, that sounds absolutely terrible, but it’s not so bad. And this series is way more fun, I promise. All you have to know is this: there are two kinds of vampires: The Moroi, a peacefull kind, who can walk in the sun, don’t kill people and have the ability to control (one of) the elements. Then you have the other, the Strigoi, who are undead (right, the Moroi die, just like us. Sorry, forgot to mention that), can’t walk in the sun, kill both people and Moroi (but mostly Moroi) and are like super evil and stuff. They also can’t master the elements anymore, because they have lost all life within. Then you also have Dampiers, who are like half Moroi, half human. They protect the Moroi against the Strigoi.

That’s all the background information that you get from me, because this is starting to be a really long blog post. About the story: the main charrecter of the books is Sydney Sage. Well, I immidiatly liked her, because she’s really smart and absolutely not a coward. She is part of a group of people, called the Alchemists who protect the normal human beings against the world of vamipres. Tough job right? Dude, you’re not even close to comprehending the difficulty of her job. In this part she is send to Palm Springs to protect one of the Moroi, a niece of the queen (of the Moroi), from other rebelling Moroi. What?, is probably what you think now. That doesn’t make any sense?! Ah, well, here’s the thing: if there is a war going on with the Moroi, the Alchemists will have to work dubble (maybe tripple) time to cover up the evidence. So yeah, they help.

I hope you will read this book, because it’s really nice and funny. One of my favourites, if that means a damn thing to you guys. I’ll write to you later, with I don’t know what book, and I hope you enjoyed this review. You’re always welcome to leave a comment or something. Adios Amigos!


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