PRE-view: The summer I became a nerd

Yes, you have read it correctly: it says preview. For the first time ever I’m writing a preview. What is the reason, you ask? Well, the thing is, I think this would be a perfect book for my dear friend LG (who’s complete name I will not reveal, infortunatly. She kinda has it comming, because she told my webadress to someone I’m not overly fond of, and I still haven’t forgiven her.), and I want her to know what’s it about. I know, super lazy that I don’t just give her my book, but it’s vacation, so what are you gonna do about it? The book I’m talking about is called: The summer I became a nerd, by Leah Rae Miller. And it’s such a cute book! She really just got to read it. She and I (and a few of our other friends) share the crazy obsession of (among other things) Books, Superheroes… the basic crazy obsession stuff. Well this books is about a girl with a obsession of comicbooks (I, on the other hand, don’t have that obsession. Way to expensive.).

On the outside, seventeen-year-old Madelyne Summers looks like your typical blond cheerleader—perky, popular, and dating the star quarterback. But inside, Maddie spends more time agonizing over what will happen in the next issue of her favorite comic book than planning pep rallies with her squad. That she’s a nerd hiding in a popular girl’s body isn’t just unknown, it’s anti-known. And she needs to keep it that way.

Summer is the only time Maddie lets her real self out to play, but when she slips up and the adorkable (just a quick note from me: Hahaha! adorkable! Okay, sorry, continue…) guy behind the local comic shop’s counter uncovers her secret, she’s busted. Before she can shake a pom-pom, Maddie’s whisked into Logan’s world of comic conventions, live-action role-playing, and first-person-shooter video games. And she loves it. But the more she denies who she really is, the deeper her lies become…and the more she risks losing Logan forever.

I could write the first chapter down, wich is hilarious by the way, but that would require A LOT of typing from my side, and like I wrote before: I am very lazy. Anyway, I hope you’ll like this book as much as I did (if anyone is actually reading this, because I kinda feel like I’m just writing to no-one :).Seriously guys, would it kill you to leave a comment every once in a while!). Love ya like I love books! Write to you soon!



  1. Hahahhahhah adorkable 😉 hey, the book sounds good! Gotta pick that one up once these days! Omg I’m almost finished with origin, HOLY FREAKING PEANUTS!!!
    Oh and love the writing of ya, see you soon friendy, and I’m still sorry for the telling someone your webadress…


  2. Hi there! I just read a few of you reviews and I really like the way you write, very funny 🙂 I also like the layout of your blog. Really, more people should be reading this amazingly fun bookblog of yours ;)! Friendly greetings from me; Thick Kevin


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