About Me

If you are going to follow (or just read) this blog, you should know: Scarlett Montrose is not my real name. I used two seperate names from two people from two different books to create my new name. It’s not that my real name is secret or something; it’s just that it’s very hard to pronounce. You see, english is not my native tongue. On the up side: if you guess from which books my name comes, I will read and review a book at your chosing. Yes you read it correctly: it doesn’t matter which book it is. It can really suck. That is how much you guys mean to me.

I made this Blog, because I’m totally obsessed with books. There everywhere, just laying arouns on the floor, tables, chairs…Like I said:everywhere.So, yeah, this is Me. Hope you like what you read :).

O, and by the way: I have two more blogs.

Scarlettspictures.wordpress.com     and       thethoughtsofawierdschoolgirl.wordpress.com


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